Museum of Water

Collecting Stories at the Museum of Water

The Museum of Water is situated in a dark passageway underneath the Somerset House piazza. With the Safra Fountains roaring above its ceiling, the alley is dark and its walls are covered in various shades of shiny fungi. The sound of water dripping echoes deep into the dark end of the corridor. Weak light bulbs dangle from the ceiling, illuminating a couple of faint blue bottles, made lustreless by the dust that has touched them in the passing of time. Those who kneel down and bend towards the collection of glass flasks can see that there is still a bit of liquid in each of them, varying from muddy brown puddle water to clear droplets of monsoon rain. …

As an arts reviewer for Platform505 I attended the opening of the Museum of Water exhibition at the Somerset House, which was part of the London International Festival of Theatre. Artist Amy Sharrocks told her story of creating the museum, so if you want to know what she said, click the link below.

Commissioned by Platform505, my blog is available on their website: Collecting Stories at the Museum of Water.


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