The Two Faces of January

Film Noir in Sunshine

The Two Faces of January has been a long time in gestation. When still in university, director – then still a young screenwriter – Hossein Amini had his mind set on adapting one of Patricia Highsmith’s brilliant novels. Rights-holder Diogenes was not very fond of the idea, and without a record of blockbusters to prove them wrong, Hossein had not much of a chance. It took more than twenty years and a series successful adaptations including ‘Jude’, ‘Wings of the Dove’ and ‘Drive’, before he changed their mind. He finally got the rights to produce his version of ‘Two Faces of January’, and from that moment onward everything went quite quickly. …

As a film reviewer for Platform505 I attended the preview of The Two Faces of January at the British Film Institute, which was followed by a Q&A session with Viggo Mortensen, Kirsten Dunst, Oscar Isaac and Hossein Amini. If you want to know what they said about their film, click the link below.

Commissioned by Platform505, my blog is available on their website: Film Noir in Sunshine.


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